Rapid Development of Natural Gas Market and Promotion of Intelligent Gas Construction
Update Time:2018-08-01 17:24:17

As a high quality clean energy, natural gas plays a very important role in improving air pollution. The state is also developing natural gas into one of the main energy sources in China. The rapid development of natural gas also brings bright future to intelligent gas, but also brings some challenges. This paper discusses the steps and experiences of the gas company in constructing the special Internet of things for public utilities, and expounds the direct benefits provided by the special Internet of things for public utilities, as well as the development and technological evolution facing the future. The prospects and challenges of the natural gas industry with the continuous innovation of exploration technology, the availability and advantages of natural gas as a high-quality resource become more and more obvious. The prospects for the natural gas industry are very bright. At present, the proportion of natural gas in China's primary energy consumption is smaller than that of the global level, and the gap is even bigger than that of the major gas consumers such as the United States and Russia (global 24.1% in 2016, 31.5% in the United States, 52.2% in Russia). The National Development and Reform Commission issued opinions on speeding up the Utilization of Natural Gas and pointed out that the cultivation of natural gas will gradually become one of the main sources of energy in China's modern clean energy system. By 2020, the proportion of natural gas in the primary energy consumption structure will reach about 10%, and the underground gas storage will form an effective working gas volume of 14.8 billion cubic meters. Meters. By 2030, strive to increase the share of natural gas in primary energy consumption to about 15%. The effective working gas volume of underground gas storage is more than 35 billion cubic meters. Compared with the large energy consuming countries, China has recently made great progress in shale gas exploration and availability. Combined with higher efficiency and lower cost of natural gas drilling, the natural gas industry is receiving more attention. At the same time, natural gas plays a more and more important role in the field of clean energy with the great investment in industrial structure adjustment, job creation and energy saving and emission reduction. The rapid growth of natural gas also brings opportunities and challenges to intelligent gas, especially the talent training and the accumulation of new technology. In the process of rapid development of natural gas industry, gas enterprises require more and more public facilities in terms of production safety, simplification of operation and improvement of efficiency. Traditional gas facilities have entered the track of technological renewal and industrial upgrading. Technical engineers begin to replace old and new, and enterprises that simply operate basic tables face challenges. Therefore, the driving force of the new generation of intelligent gas industry is the ability to master information technology. As technology advances, smart meters are smaller, more functional, more digital, and more powerful A generation of intelligent gas appliances production related enterprises will focus on the power of communication networks, to provide a competitive advantage for the company. The role of AMI in Smart Gas Power Enterprises have accelerated the development of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) technology and promoted the solution based on "smart grid" system. Gas and water companies often rely on manual (Walkby) systems, automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, or smart card prepaid meter schemes. With the rapid development of intelligent gas, from the early AMR program to AMI evolution, has become the mainstream direction. The AMI technology based on wireless communication network supports two-way wireless communication, meets the requirements of low cost and low power consumption communication module, and improves the ability of remote monitoring and automation through wireless connection of intelligent meter and other pipe network equipment. Provide unprecedented commercial value to natural gas companies and end-users. Evolution of wireless telemetry, progress of AMI systems, positive case studies and development of technical standards, It can help gas companies clear up questions about technology investments. Based on a dedicated network solution, deploy the least amount of infrastructure to provide stability, first of all Incoming platform that allows for system upgrades without interruption of business. Optimizing operating costs and human capital AMI systems are creating compelling business cases to justify investments. Five steps to build the next generation of smart gas: building a business plan focused on operational efficiency this step needs to help gas companies clarify their goals and core requirements for building AMI. For example, in the driving force of AMI system construction, power companies mainly focus on improving reliability, while water companies mainly focus on leakage loss and poor production and marketing. Similarly, gas companies are working to improve operational safety and efficiency Based on this, the establishment of AMI system has extensive commercial value. Realizing the data acquisition of gas facilities is the most basic goal of intelligent gas. Therefore, intelligent gas system is based on two-way communication network, sending data from smart meter and other sensor equipment to public utility platform, through intelligent software and professional technical personnel analysis. The data will provide a basis for gas companies to improve operational efficiency. The core goal of intelligent gas is to ensure the safety of gas supply, simplify the operation mode and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance. AMI system based on Wireless networking supports remote Communication between Gas Company and instrument, compared with traditional monthly or bimonthly Manual meter reading or on-site daily operation can significantly reduce operating costs, not only for engineers, but also for vehicles, handheld devices, 


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